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TallyEssential Level 1

35 Hours

  • Fundamentals of Accounting   

  • Introduction to TallyPrime       

  • Maintaining Chart of Accounts           

  • Recording and Maintaining Accounting Transactions     

  • Banking       

  • Generating Financial Statements and MIS Reports       Data Security         

  • Company Data Management   

  • Business Case Studies-1

About the Course

If you are a beginner in the Accounting and Finance domain; and want a course that can explain the concepts in the best and simplest way possible, then TallyEssential is the course you should look for. The various concepts explained through illustrations, self-learning videos, and real-life industry-based scenarios will help establish a strong foundation for your Accounting and Financial career. The course will help you understand how to perform basic to intermediate Accounting, Inventory and Basic Taxation (GST, TDS), and Simplification of Company Books of Accounts to name a few. The practical applications will be done on the new TallyPrime software to keep the learners at par with the new releases.


TallyEssential Level 1


TallyEssential Level 2


TallyEssential Level 3

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